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MORSE CODE VIDEOS CLICK   video #1.    learn code on phone

In collaboration with APS, NASA, High Desert Amateur Radio Club™, ARRL, and many others, the ISS was contacted by Amateur Radio Operators and several area students on April 22, 2016. Some of the pictures from the International Space Station contact at Valley High School.

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For Those New to Ham Radio

This page is ever expanding. Stop-by periodically to view more recent listings.
Some of these links go to slide shows and documents that are large and may take some time to download, expect delays.

Amateur Radio Licensing Classes
and FREE Testing
click here or on the teacher to register for test

The HDARC™ Instructors Group is pleased to announce that we are organizing and preparing to open Amateur Radio Licensing Classes Very Soon. We will be offering classes at all licensing levels. These will be similar to the classes that were offered our club's founder Frank Warren Sr. (AB5WJ-SK).

These classes will conclude with a FREE FCC examination as offered by the club. Walk-ins welcomed however you should preregister. There are new FCC requirements and there may be FCC fees associated with getting your license. These will be in-person  testing sessions.  For more information,  please send an email message to NM5HD@ARRL.NET  

Morse Code is no longer required for an Amateur Radio license, there are a number of training materials that can assist you in learning and mastering the code at


ROCKY MOUNTAIN HAM RADIO many great presentations and videos

What is Ham Radio?
 CLICK HERE for a Slide Show

What is Ham Radio? 
CLICK HERE a Video Clip

What is Ham Radio?
Answers many of your questions about the Service/Hobby/Sport

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22 Things You Can Do with Amateur Radio
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Amateur Radio - Serving Your Community
Learn how Ham Radio provides communication for local events.

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Connect to Wireless Excitement with Ham Radio
Ham Radio is the most powerful and versatile communication service available to the private citizen on Earth.

Your First Step to Getting on the Air
Order a copy of ARRL's License Manuals.
It contains all the information you'll need to pass the Technician Class test.

ARRL's Learning Center

CLICK HERE to reach this useful resource

ARRL’s Learning Center offers a variety of learning opportunities for new, current and prospective amateur radio operators. The focus is on creating an amateur radio learning "hub" that provides instructional topics for a wide range of users and interests.

The Learning Network is a new series of recordings to help introduce more members to the variety of activities and opportunities that radio amateurs enjoy.

Just some of the great show titles available:
* Stories about Ham Radio & Weather Spotting
* Technicians, Life Beyond Repeaters
* Finding and Fixing RFI

Articles from the HDARC's Archive

Ham Radio Satellites - Learn how YOU can make a contact through some of the Ham Radio Satellites with just an HT.

Ham Radio Etiquette - 

CLICK HERE to learn the operating etiquette for local repeaters & nets

Got an HT? 
CLICK HERE to learn about the things you can do with a Handi-Talkie (HT)

Slow Scan TV - Ham Radio's Visual Medium. Learn how to send and receive images over the radio and even decode images from the International Space Station.

Safety Precautions

Grounding and Bonding by Bill Mader, K8TE

What to Do in an Emergency
Ham Radio operators may be called upon for help by someone in trouble.

CLICK HERE to find out how hams can help.

Ham Radio Modes
There are many modes (ways to communicate) Technicians Can Use. Articles & Presentations here detail their operations.

SSTV While in the Field 
CLICK HERE for How to use Ham Radio's visual mode while in the field, even with an HT.

Packet Radio -
 CLICK HERE to learn about Ham Radio's messaging and mail box mode.

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