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How to become a club member.


*You do NOT need to be a licensed Ham to join this club.


*You can become a ham (pass your test) after you have joined the club.


Click the APPLICATION TAB (click)and Fill out the application. 


Click the PayPal link to send us your membership dues.

It’s just that simple.


Current Dues for 2022


Primary Membership $30

Family Members $5 each

Auxiliary member $5 each

Senior Members 80+years Free

New Member with any element Testing $15 (which is a $15 discount)

HDARC and ARRL Membership Application/Renewal Program.

Are you thinking of joining the ARRL or are you an ARRL member and need to RENEW your membership?

We invite you to RENEW or APPLY for your ARRL membership through HDARC.

By renewing through us, your membership counts toward our status as a Special Service Club.

When your ARRL renewal/membership application is sent to ARRL by HDARC, a small portion of your ARRL dues goes to our treasury.

ARRL Application Form click link–


Please fill this out this form, print, and either bring to the next meeting or mail it to:



5052 Mira Vista Drive NE

Rio Rancho,  NM  87144

questions call David 619 306 7260

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